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At Scottdale Bedding, we strictly follow the Serta and Simmons guidelines and specifications from the moment each order is placed in order to guarantee that a bed that our customers purchase locally, will be exactly identical to the same type as if purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Production Process

We take great pride in maintaining a conducive work environment for our employees while providing our customers with a top quality international product.

We have a highly skilled team in the factory, each person specializing in different stages of the production process, to ensure we offer our customers a top notch, quality product, consistent with our manufacturer’s standards.

Stages of the Production Process

Process - Quilting & Sewing

Quilting & Sewing

This is the preparation stage and the most important phase of the process to ensure things run smoothly. During this stage, the quilters will assemble the quilting package according to the specifications of the type of bed being made. The machines are set to the size, quantity and design needed for the mattress, and if there are any flaws detected, the bed will be sent to the repair station for correction. This stage feeds the entire production process.


At this stage the spring is identified for the type of bed being produced, and the insulator pad is placed to create a barrier between the wire and the foam. If the mattress requires any additional foam, (gel infused, memory foam or regular foam) or specialized items, they will be added at this time.

Process - Assembly
Process - Tape Edge

Tape Edge

This stage is the closing of the bed. The border is added at this point and any finishing items such as decorative tags or items, handles and ribbons.  If a pillow top mattress is being produced, the item will go back to the assembly phase for this feature to be added.

Box Spring

Stage 4 is the production of the box spring, a 3 part, one step assembly. The wooden base is assembled at this time, the wire top is stapled to the wooden base, and the upholstery is added to complete the base.

Process - Box Spring
Process - Final Inspection & Packaging

Final Inspection & Packaging

This is the quality control stage of the process. The mattress or boxspring is inspected from every angle, 360 degrees, for any flaws, or errors that would take away from the quality of the item. The production manager or inspection officer, will determine if the bed is approved and released for shipping.

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